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Part one : About the company
1. Why choose I-Panda? 
Answer: 1) I-Panda is the leading MPPT solar charge controller and power inverter manufacturer in China.
 2) Our mission is to promote development of the energy industry, our R&D team constantly develop highly efficiency and new energy products;
3) Our four complete management systems( Quality Control System, Production Control System, Engineering Management, Eco-Management) to ensure the fast, healthy, continuance steadily development.
4) We take "Humanity, Development, Morality" as the theme of enterprise; Humanity means caring employees, customers and society; Development means developing together with employees, customers and society; Morality means obeying international norms and commercial rules. 
2. We seek partners as the following:
Answer: Welcome those traders and agents 
1)Who create value for the society; 
2)Who is professional in the energy industries and with the ability to provide power solutions for their customers; 
3)Who have their own technical and sales team;
Our development strategy is to provide customers with OEM, ODM products, professional energy knowledge, power solutions, and energy industry market trend etc;
3. How to provide OEM service for customers? 
Answer: The customers must supply the brand Letter of Authorization; 
We will keep strictly confidential our partnership and the custom products will be not sold to a third party;
4. How to ensure and monitor the products quality? 
Answer: We have established a perfect Quality Management System, In strict accordance with ISO9001: 2008 quality system and ISO14001 environment system for quality assurance management; 
Our ISO9001:2008 Quality System certificate encoding: CHIN/TW/QMS/00119; 
Our ISO14001 Environment System certificate encoding: CHIN/TW/EMS/00028; 
5. Which certificates our products have through? 
Answer: Our products are passed CE, ROHS, FCC, CB, CCC.
6. How to provide after-sale service within warranty period? 
Answer: 1) Customer who negotiate with our company directly.
A. Damaged products during the warranty period, According to the information of customer feedback, we will provide free accessories or replace an brand new product as soon as possible. We cover the freight.-新葡京在线娱乐xpj677
B. Due to improper use or out of warranty period, according to the information of customer feedback, we will charge for the replacement parts and guidance to replace, international freight shall be paid by the customer;
7. What is the warranty of products? 
Answer: The warranty period of different products are different; 5 years, 3 years, 2 years, 1 years; More details please refer to the product specification or manual; we will provide free life-long technical support ; 
8. Terms of payment? 
Answer: TT, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union and Money Gram
9. Transportation? 
Answer: Express, By Air, By Sea 

Part two: About the controller
3 series 16 models MPPT Solar Charge Controller Series as below:
1. I-P-Smart1 Series 12V/24V/48V Automatic Recognition 40A ~ 60A 96V System 20A~30A-澳门葡京集团登入
2 I-P-Smart2 Series 12V/24V/48V Automatic Recognition 20A ~ 60A 
3.I-P-eSmart Series 12V/24V/48V Automatic Recognition 15A ~ 40A 
1. What is "Smart"?
Answer: Due to high cost of panels, low conversion efficiency of ordinary PWM controller, I-Panda successfully developed the first generation of high conversion efficiency of maximum power point tracking(MPPT) controller in 2010.  To store the power generated by solar panel in the battery bank. In Shanghai SNEC PV POWER EXPO we Successively got an award in 2011, 2012 “One of the Ten Highlight Products ”; Smart features: With TI28035 powerful smart control chip and efficient MPPT tracking program, 12V/24V/48V automatic recognition system, all batteries be defined by users, Display all kinds of working parameters, With free PC software, It’s an Smart MPPT solar charge controller.  
2. What is "Smart2"? 
Answer: we update the SMART1 MPPT solar charge controller with DC Output function with five control ways for Time Control/ PV Control/ PV&Time Control/ ON/OFF. LAN Communication Port is added. Customer can set the IP Address with cable or WIFI to connect the PC. With LAN Communication customer can monitor the controller freely. That’s Smart2. 
3. What is "eSmart"? 
Answer: Due to the high-end design of SMART1 and SMART2, I-Panda launched a mini 15A to 40A series MPPT solar charge controller  in 2014 , this mini MPPT solar charge controller is high conversion efficiency at very competitive price,  So we call eSmart series;  
4. What are the difference of three series MPPT controller eSmart, Smart1 Smart2?
Answer: Please see the PDF document. Named Contrast about 3 series MPPT Solar Charge Controller
5. What’s Automatic Recognition 12V/24V/48V system to charge battery?
Answer: Smart series controller can automatically recognize 12V, 24V, 48V battery , When the controller is connected to the battery, if the battery voltage within DC9V ~DC15V, default is 12V battery; If the battery voltage within DC18V ~ DC30V, default is 24V battery;If the battery voltage within DC36V ~ DC60V, default is 48V battery.
The controller will automatically run the corresponding system program if the battery voltage is in the above range, and display system parameters in the LCD; If the battery voltage is not in the scope of the above voltage, controller will not be able to work. Therefore, users need to check the connection of battery and battery status. 
6. How to set up the battery type? 
Answer: Please refer to the user manual; 
7. What kind of computer operating system can fit for PC software ? 
Answer: Can be used in the operating systems are as follows: 
Windows XP
Windows VISTA
Windows 2003(32-bit & x64-bit)
Windows 2008(32-bit & x64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit & x64-bit)
Windows8 (32-bit & x64-bit)
Attention: Windows7 and Windows8 system, please opened by an administrator identity after the solar eagle software installation; Specific operation method: Make a right click of desktop shortcut of the solar eagle, enter as an administrator. -新葡京娱乐8455
8. Why can not use RS232 connect to the PC? 
Answer: All controllers had been strictly tested before delivery to ensure each controller can be connected to computer. If the user cannot connect PC, please check :
1) Software installation error? There is CD in the package, Please install the corresponding software ; 
2) RJ45 to RS232 cable plugged in to a computer and controller, please check whether the computer could automatically identify COM port or not, if not, please change to another computer with a COM port; 
3) Please open the cover to check the connection of control board and main board.The cable might be loose during the transportation.
4) Try again. If the computer has shown COM port, open the solar eagle software ,click on the COM communication, it will be automatically connected within 10s. If not, please shut down controller completely, then restart to try again.(In normal state,it can be connected to computer as long as the controller is working) 
5) If you still can not make connection in the above 4 steps, please contact the dealer; 
9. Why can't use LAN connected to PC?
Answer: Users should have some relevant knowledge of local area network (LAN);
1)The settings will take effect after restart the controller 
2)Using high quality cable to ensure the port lights is flashing when it is inserted into the LAN port; 
3)Ensure the controller, PC, router all in the same local area network (LAN), principle: The same gateway and different IP address;
4)Using PING tool to determine the controller PC and routers in the same local area network (LAN) ; 
5)PC communication method is TCP instead of COM, the PC need to enter the IP address of the controller; 
6)When the connection is normal while can't communicate, please restart the controller and try again; 
10. Why can't set up parameters through PC ? What is the password?
Answer: The system can be set up when the controller was connected to the PC and shows the charging parameters. Please ask dealers for password and read the user manual before setting the parameters. 


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